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Sample contests or practices within GT package
Sample NameNumber of QuestionsTime Limit
CogAT MultiLevel Prep95 minutes
CogAT MultiLevel Prep:Verbal Analogies104 minutes
CogAT MultiLevel Prep:Make Equation108 minutes
CogAT MultiLevel Prep:Graph Classification104 minutes
NNAT2 Prep (1st-2nd Grade)32 minutes

    CogAT MultiLevel Prep is designed by following the cognitive test (CogAT) (form 6) format. It can be used by 2nd to 4th grades. There are thousands of creative questions from 882 different patterns waiting to challenge you!

  • Practice by question type:
    You are expected to finish the questions within the specified time. You can keep working on the questions if you need more time though.
    If you wish to take a practice now, select the type and click the Practice Now button below.
    Question TypeQuestion NumberTime limitSelection
    Verbal Classification105 minutes
    Sentence Completion105 minutes
    Verbal Analogies104 minutes
    Number Comparison103 minutes 20 seconds
    Number Sequence105 minutes
    Make Equation108 minutes
    Graph Classification104 minutes
    Graph Analogy104 minutes
    Graph Analysis106 minutes 40 seconds

  • Full Length Test: Each full test has 9 sections and a total of 190 questions. Each full test can be tested multiple times and you will get different questions each time. You are expected to finish all questions of a full test in 1 hour and 30 minutes. The time limit for each section is enforced, but you can pause a test after finishing a section if you want. To take a test or continue a paused test, click the Take/Continue A Test button below.
    Question TypeQuestion NumberTime limit
    Verbal Classification2010 minutes
    Sentence Completion2010 minutes
    Verbal Analogies2510 minutes
    Number Comparison258 minutes
    Number Sequence2010 minutes
    Make Equation1512 minutes
    Graph Classification2510 minutes
    Graph Analogy2510 minutes
    Graph Analysis1510 minutes
    Total19090 minutes
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